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Hiring Riggers, Millwrights

By April 20, 2022May 17th, 2022Employment

Do you like to figure things out using your mechanical ability? Do you enjoy the challenge of finding a creative solution to a mechanical problem? If you have strong technical skills, are able to read and understand blueprints and are comfortable using a range of equipment, this job is for you.


Rigger/Millwright’s install, repair, replace, and dismantle the machinery and heavy equipment used in many industries. Responsibilities require a wide range of skills-from blueprint reading; lifting and moving machines and items with weight from 500# to multiple tons; pouring concrete to diagnosing and solving mechanical problems. Working under the direction of a lead person.

Use of rigging and hoisting devices, such as pulleys and cables. In other cases, they require the assistance of hydraulic lift-truck or crane operators to position the machinery. Because riggers/millwrights often decide which device to use for moving machinery, they must know the load-bearing properties of ropes, cables, hoists, and cranes.

In addition to installing and dismantling machinery, many millwrights repair and maintain equipment. This includes preventive maintenance, such as lubrication and fixing or replacing worn parts.

Other duties as required within the technical knowledge and skill level of the employee.

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